Building the Education Revolution

Reid Campbell were appointed by Abigroup as “Master Architect” for the Building the Education Revolution (BER) Sydney Region in 2008.

Collectively, Reid Campbell and Abigroup developed an overarching delivery strategy from portfolio and individual site programming, financial control systems, through to design and coordination methodologies and information transfer protocols.

Utilising our extensive experience in multi-site/roll-out projects we rapidly developed template designs in 3D/BIM for all referenced building typologies in the package. By doing this in advance we were able to dramatically reduce the amount of design and documentation time for each individual school project as the templates were already designed to code, partially coordinated and could be easily adjusted in 3D to suit the uniqueness of each individual site.

Once the master template system was completed, Reid Campbell assisted in the appointment of 5 subordinate architectural practices and a range of engineering and other required specialist consultants to deliver the program of over 160 school sites in the Sydney Region.

The consultants were broken down into “teams” under the guidance of Reid Campbell and were responsible for reporting on any changes or upgrades required to the master template “kit of parts” which Reid Campbell would regularly update, as well as scheduling of deliverables to program.

Reid Campbell also led one of the delivery teams across approximately 60 of the school projects in the program and worked with Abigroup to control the master program and consultant financial reporting system across the entire portfolio.

The innovative delivery model led to the Sydney Region of the BER being hailed as a success and the only package to be delivered on time and to budget.

Our forward thinking approach to the multi-site process did not just lead to time savings in design, it also dramatically reduced materials costs allowing the managing contractor to bulk procure early and also lock in trades well in advance. Our rolling upgrades to the master designs also ensured a high degree of quality and consistency in the built form.


  • STATUS:Completed
  • YEAR:2008
  • VALUE:$14 Billion across Australia
  • LOCATION:Various