The integration of automation to improve movement of goods is a revolution

and continues to create a more efficient supply chain. Our overarching  goal is to reduce the cost impact of freight whether we are working on a facility for fast moving consumer goods, storage, refrigerated storage or any special type of warehouse or distribution facility. Our Clients know that we not only understand the requirements of their project but also how it is to fit within the supply chain. 

Warehousing is no longer just sheds. Driven by increasingly specialised technology, sophisticated supply chain management and more diverse materials handling needs and further facilitated by increasingly complex financial structures, warehousing is now the realm of specialised providers. 

We’ve made it our business to get really immersed in this field. A number of our senior personnel have worked on the Client side, providing a robust understanding of project drivers, which also assists assessment of development opportunities for our Clients. 
This level of focus has created a specific and unique expertise in freight intermodal facilities, their automation and the commercial opportunities that emerge from this revolution. Projects such as the Moorebank Intermodal terminal, in which Reid Campbell have been involved since  its inception in 2006, are leading the change in this very dynamic industry.

  • “We see every project as an opportunity to improve our service and the project outcomes.”

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